DNA Compass
DNA Compass
DNA Compass leverages the same technologies that are used to map the earth, to map genomes.

Our Mission

DNA Compass is a Benefit Corporation.

The purpose of DNA Compass shall be to pursue creating the specific public benefits of (i) improving human health by creating and distributing genomic maps to individuals and organizations that improve the health of their communities and manage genetic data in a way that is consistent with the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and (ii) improving human health and preserving the environment by annually donating ten percent of its after tax profits to charitable organizations that are exempt under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3) for projects that support the UN Sustainable Development Goals (adopted September 25th, 2015 as part of UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development). 


What We Do

DNA Compass provides security and visualization of genetic data.

We enable entities to have their own low cost infrastructure for creating and publishing genomic maps.  We're focused on three key offerings:

  1. Building simple genome maps customers embed in their websites to help improve genomic literacy.
  2. Provide solutions for returning genetic findings  to patients. 
  3. Helping large organizations manage genetic maps for different types of users both within and outside their organization.

DNA Compass is offered as a cloud service with hybrid public/private cloud services.


Our Future

It takes a globe to map the genomes of a village.   

We're interested in hearing from all types of stakeholders involved in finding sustainable solutions for managing the worlds genetic data. If you have a project in mind, please feel free to contact us. We’re particularly interested in partnering with companies outside of the US that are interested in building genomics infrastructure.    Contact us.


Our Story

We've been patiently waiting for genetic data to have enough utility for it to make sense to map personal genomes at scale.   

DNA Compass welcomes both collaboration and competition.  Our goal is to help create a system of checks and balances in the global market place - such that human data can migrate to those entities returning the great value to their communities.  It's our sincere hope to build tools that enable the proper stewardship of human genomes.