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Genetic Selection Criteria for Clinical Trial Enrollment

We put Patient Advocacy Groups at the hub of clinical trial enrollment, and increase the success rate of clinical trials  by connecting patients with right biomarkers to the right trials.

  • For Advocacy Groups: Match Patients to Trials based on Genomic Patient Mapping tools.
  • For BioPharma Companies: Dramatically improve trial results using prequalified patients.

Federated Genomic Data

Our software platform links genomic data from authoritative open source libraries with your own data, providing easy-to-use overlays for translational bioinformatics.  

  • Patient centric, patient picking trusted guardian for their genome
  • Mapping infrastructure reuse for global security and collaboration
  • Diagnostic data re-intrepretation, static molecular diagnostic reports replaced by dynamic genome maps
  • Real time consent instead of written consent

Genomic Data Exchange

Our platform is built for collaboration from the ground up, providing security and audit solutions down to the base-pair level.  

  • On-premise or HIPAA-compliant cloud server
  • Intuitive search and discovery tools with standardized nomenclature
  • Simplified data interfaces for access to raw and interpreted data
  • End-to-end management from sequencing to sharing
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