DNA Compass
DNA Compass
DNA Compass leverages the same technologies that are used to map the earth, to map genomes.

Mapping The World’s Genomes

It takes a globe to map a village’s genomes


DNA Compass - perform complex spatial analysis across multiple types of data.

Machine Learning and Multi-Omics Genome Map Analysis

Spatial Analysis of Genetic Data

With DNA Compass, the same powerful tools built for mapping the earth are recommissioned for mapping genomes.   

  • Mapping/Managing Genomes At Scale

  • Perform spatial analysis across multiple layers of data

  • Use clustering, classifications and predictive analysis

  • Track genetic changes over time


Maps for Patient Engagement 

Returning Genomic Findings to Patients

DNA Compass provides entities a cost effectively way to deploy personalized medicine.

  • Manage role based access to genetic interpretation and annotation.

  • Deploy micro-consent

  • Provide links for counseling and other resources the moment the patient goes to access their genome.

DNA Compass - using Maps to return secondary findings to patients.

Maps for Genomic Literacy

Genome Maps for Non-Scientific Audiences

DNA Compass provides easy to use tools for creating and distributing genome maps. Maps can enable patients, clinicians, researchers and industry to meet up at a location on the genome and exchange critical information and services.

Interactive genome map tool-tips can enable bi-directional information flow  to help speed up coordination between patient advocacy groups and clinical trial recruitment.

DNA Compass - Thematic genome maps with interactive / editable tool-tips enable genomic research collaboration on a global scale.

DNA Compass - Secure, federated genome map layers.

Genetic Data Security and Privacy

Secure Distribution of Genomic Maps

DNA Compass uses ESRI’s platform for securing location based information.

  • Enterprise Logins, Social Logins

  • Two Factor Authentication

  • Trusted Servers

  • Allow Origins, Allow Portal Access

Mapping Genomes Using Mapping Software

DNA Compass can be deployed on top of any mapping software that maps the earth

Our genome SAAS mapping solution is simple.    We replaced the geocoder service used for searching on cities and streets with a micro-geocoding services containing info for genetic markers. 

DNA Compass' solution is currently built using ESRI, the world leader in enterprise mapping software, allowing us to leverage ESRI's global network of solution providers.

DNA Compass - Projecting genetic markers on top of the coordinate system used to map the earth.