DNA Compass - Enabling People To Meet At Locations on the Genome
Genomic Data Management and Exchange
Using Maps to Create Federated Local / Regional Genomics Capacity

Maps for Patient Engagement

We put Patient Advocacy Groups and Patient Engagement at the hub of research collaborations

  • For Advocacy Groups: Enable patient driven research by converting members genomes into maps. Provide patients with a map showing genome hotspots and top gene clusters. Match Patients to trials based on genome map matching.
  • For Industry/Research: Dramatically improve trial and research data access by accessing federated global data on a fully open API.

Global Research Capacity

DNA Compass reuses a countries existing earth mapping infrastructure to build local/regional genomics capacity.

  • Patient / community centric security with revocable data access /consent.
  • Mapping infrastructure reuse to create secure, federated data JSON web services on a fully open API.
  • Extensive tools for distributing dynamic genome maps and setting up collaborations between entities.
  • Variety tools built for analyzing the earth can now be reused to analyze genomes (including AI, ML integrations with other programs)

Maps for Genomic Literacy

Tools for distributing authoritative content via entities with verified identities.

  • Private Cloud or Hybrid HIPAA-compliant cloud services
  • Intuitive search and discovery tools
  • Roll based security for delivering specific content for different user types.
  • Ability to update genome maps, dashboards, reports and apps content in real time.
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