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Data Ecology

Securely Connect, Don't Collect

In the past, genomic data was consolidated at a few well funded institutions with data access often taking months to coordinate between entities. Global genomic researchers are now wanting to deploy federated data, a solution that involves linking access to genomic data sources, rather than moving large redundant copies of data around. DNA Compass enables this federated data approach, leveraging very sophisticated web security capabilities developed by earth mapping professionals over the past thirty years.

Reuse Existing Mapping Infrastructure To Create Local/Regional Genomics Capacity

To design globally agreed upon standards, built and deploy genome mapping software from scratch, throughout the globe, will take five to ten years and require billions of dollars. In contrast, most all entities worldwide have access to mapping software. Reusing this existing location data infrastructure will enable global federated genomic data to travel between entities and across borders far more quickly than if the research community attempts to build federated genomics software from scratch. Infrastructure reuse, just like data reuse, makes tremendous financial sense.

Return Value To The Communities Providing Data

Currently, often genomic data is expatriated from the countries and communities providing the DNA samples. One mechanism for helping ensure value gets returned to the communities providing the data is for genomic data access to be revocable. Using DNA Compass technology, entities will have their own genomics infrastructure for publishing genome map layers and revoking access to the data if needed. This capability allows genomic data to evolve from written consent to dynamic consent, likely enabling far greater access to genomic data at scale.

DNA Compass.. Fast, Simple, Affordable

To accelerate discovery, we need technology that cultivates trust and is easily accessible. That means being:

  • Fast: Focus on delivering results with 90 days, and optimize incrementally after value is delivered.
  • Simple: Put a premium on simple user experience, so that the widest set of users can collaborate in intuitive ways.
  • Affordable: Don’t put effort into recreating enterprise software solutions, instead reuse existing location data investment to map and manage genomes.

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