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Alice Rathjen

Alice is one of the early pioneers of computational biology and spatial analysis of genomes.  A serial entrepreneur in the genomics sector for nearly two decades, in 2000 launching Dominga (first direct to consumer genetic's testing company).

DNA Guide brings to market the first full genome browser, first demonstrated on mobile devices at the 2009 Health 2.0. She has won the Kaufman Award for Women in Science and Engineering.  She has a passion for patient-centric data and building federated infrastructure for delivering consented genomes at scale.

Kevin Noble
Advisor / Creative Director

Recognized for ability to develop cross-functional teams of engaged talent that can identify original solutions to solve the difficult problems that matter most to solve. In exchange for passion, courage, creativity, partnership and integrity, worked to create a culture and environment that people want to be part of every day.

Successful leadership experience managing key brands, driving organizational change and accelerating innovation initiatives to produce more growth, deliver better experiences, and achieve outstanding results.

Xavier Thomas

A customer-obsessed serial entrepreneur who has successfully scaled revenue in the fields of advertising technology and marketing services. An inventor of patented, proven bioinformatics solutions. A passionate speaker on the subjects of user experience, lean startup, and ethical frameworks for genomics at scale.

Xavier has (co-)founded 3 companies and is an active advisor in other startups and scaleups. His goal is to unleash the power of linked data for whole populations, democratizing access to genetic insights across industry, clinicians, and consumers.

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