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Genomic data is location data.

DNA Compass uses a mutations chromosome and position information to convert genetic data into maps. We've solved how to re-use the world existing earth mapping software infrastructure to created secure, federated JSON web services on a fully open API. In simple terms, we've turned the background raster in mapping software showing the continents off and replaced earth addresses with a geo-coding service for genetic markers.

The implications of our approach is that entities can have access to their own genomics infrastructure much quicker and at significantly lower cost than any other solution on the market. Furthermore, most all users of the web are familiar with how maps and dashboards work our solution requests less time for training with a much higher rate of successful adoption.

DNA Compass solution is built using ESRI, a proven technology that is currently used by over 350,000 entities world wide. We are an ESRI partner, which means we inherit their widely scalable, secure, technology stack and network of global partners .

Please reach out to us for a demo info@dnacompass.com. You'd be surprised how quickly we can get your organization up and running.

ESRI Business Partner

DNA Compass is proud to be a ESRI Business Partner partner.

  • 7,000 Universities World Wide
  • 350,000 Entities World Wide
  • Platform Supports creation of over 1.5 Million Maps a Day

Google for Startups Partner

DNA Compass is proud to be a Google For Startups partner. Google's exceptional genomics solutions are fundamental to the repeatable and scalable workflows we develop. But we also utilize their business resources to be with the right community in any market we adjoin.

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