Putting Patient Advocacy Groups at the hub of Clinical Trial enrollment

Advocacy groups can control and better monetize the genetic data of the groups they support by providing pre-qualified candidates for clinical trials.  

Our disruptive mapping software significantly improves trial results by utilizing a patented genome mapping technology to prescreen trial applicants.  This enhanced genomic screening increases the likelihood patients will benefit from the trial, because they are genetically similar to previously successful patients.

  • Integrated with the most scalable and secure mapping software on the planet.
  • ESRI platform installed at 7,000 universities and 350,000 organizations throughout the world
  • DNA Compass can connect with existing installed software without complicated integrations
  • Full Genome level mapping gives a clearer picture of trial candidates to better understand their propensity to take advantage of the therapy.  
  • Net result is dramatic improvement in trial results.
The power of genomic data is within your reach.
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